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The envelope to send off my phone arrived really quickly. Got email confirmation after a day or 2 tht my phone had passed the tests and they gave me a date of about 3 working days that the money would be in my account. Money was there in the day they said. Would definitely use this company again. Flawless

City Link

(sh)ity link

Having worked for a company for over 2 years who use citylink and send many parcels through them daily - I have never had so many incidents causing so much stress and problems from one company.

Here are but 2 of those incidents that have happened in the past 48 hours:

1. My customer calls me to say the goods havent arrived (despite us doing our job and the courier failing to deliver - obviously the customer will balme us as we are their contact). I call citylink as on the site all it has his "package mis sorted". The man I spoke to advised that the address was wrong, and they are now going to be delivering them to the correct address. I ask what the new address is which he tells me and it is exactly the same as the original address. After I ask to know why this package has been delayed when the "new" address has no changes from the original, I was greeted with a lot of stuttering and dithering before being put on hold for 15 minutes for him to "investigate". He then had no new information to give me so I expect he probably went for a cup of tea and found out nothing. The package was finally delivered to the "new address" 2 days late and missed the customers event the goods were needed for so rendered useless so a refund was made from our company.

2. A top priority client needed goods for another event - he calls to say they havent arrived. I call citylink and the person I speak to says they were sent to the wrong depot (for no apparent reason other than stupidity). They said they would be sent to the correct depot today, to be delivered tomorrow (only 24 hours after the event they were needed for had finished - therefore, again rendered useless). I asked to speak to a manager who I begged and pleaded with to get these to the customer on that day to make it in time for the event. She said she would find out and call me back. Now this is the best bit - despite us having paid for the pre10:30am service on that day (and it now being past 12:00pm) she said we could get the parcel there today but it would be after working hours and it was cost US £108.03!!!!! So I said, so let me get this straight, we have paid to have these good delivered this morning, someone at your moronic operation has sent them to the wrong depot meaning the parcel is late and you're saying WE need to pay for this??? Yes she says.

The route cause of this was that citylink had failed to update our IT system with them which mean the majority of the packages we sent out would be sent to the wrong place. Their remedy for this was to go through each manifest individually to make sure they went to the correct address. This is absolutely not possible as we are a huge manufacturing company distributing hundreds of parcels daily so to have someone check this manually would take hours of time which we cannot afford to have someone doing.

I have been imploring to my superiors to stop using citylink and am hoping that finally we will be looking to use an alternative courier.

You would think that with the amount of money we spend with them, we would be treated as a priority and they would do their best to keep us however when I expressed my dissatisfaction and the fact we will be looking to leave, the response I got from the manager there was "ok".

I am absolutely disgusted and will avoid using citylink at all costs when it comes to personal use and will endeavour to get the company I work for to stop using them!!


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