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Dont send via HERMIES they are rubbish TNT not much better

Hermies took three weeks to deliver back to me as couldnt find address 'Parcelforce found it next day' hermies took over a week to collect. (i could set up a business collecting parcels for a fee and then holding them for a week or so then send them back to sender and in a condition that looked like they had been through a WAR and not refund the charge)
TNT took a week to collect saying the collection address was 'NOT ACCESSABLE' turns out that either means that the collection guy runs out of time and has to return to his cave before he got to us or that TNT didnt have enough collectors.... avoid these two like the Plague!!!
HERMIES are by far the worse but TNT run a bad second.
every time i use Parcelforce they collect same day or next day and delivery is in one or two days they are great.
i send a lot of parcels of my product and have no affiliation with any courier service these words are my own experiences with the above companies.

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