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Same sleak Apple design, in a digital form

I purchased my Macbook pro through the online Apple store, which i completely preferred to actually going to an Apple store (I kind of hate Apple stores). The process was smooth and easy, like pretty much everything apple related plus I was more or less able to build my computer from scratch which was pretty darn cool. Great site with great products.


A great, smaller ecommerce site

I happened upon Digital Gift Store when they had an art piece for about $35 less than what was offered by Amazon, so I figured, “What the heck? Let's try using this place.” I always thought that it was slightly chancy using smaller e-retailer sites since I'm so used to Amazon but I have had nothing but good experiences with Digital Gift Store. They may not have the selection of a place like Amazon (and really, who does). But their prices in my experience for similar items has always been less than the big boys.


Amazon: Keeping me sane during Christmas for the past 5 years!

The header kind of says it all. What more needs to be said about the online behemoth known as "" It's huge, which means it has a wonderful selection, but despite their size I've had nothing but good experiences with their customer service department. Sometimes, the subsidiary companies that Amazon works with can be a pain, but in the end Amazon itself has always done right by me. I appreciate them having everything I'd ever need and usually at a much better price that real life, in person stores.

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