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Re connected twice in six weeks.

The wife & I live in a small village here in N E Wales we are both old age pensioners and my wife is registered disabled with telephone link to the emergency call centre & on the 18th September there were a number of open reach telephone enginers working in our street up poles & in the junction box so our telephone went off whils the work was being carried out it was not until later on in the evening some time after the engineers had gone we needed to use the telephone and found that we did not have a connection so being late dark & very wet weather I did not report the issue to BT, On speaking to BT the next day after having to finaly work out the automatic combinations as to speak to someone to report the disconection I managed to speak to someone whom took all the details & checked the line & assured me the incident would be reported & that I would be reconnected within the next 24 to 48 hours, Over the following four weeks the issue was reported about eight or nine times & each time the same answer" you will be reconnected within the next 24 to 48 hours" were visited by four different engineers from various parts of the UK in that four weeks whom checked our house line which was in good working order & told us there was a damaged 40 metre cable on the main road that had to be replaced, the fourth engineer connected our telephone up but we could only have our broadband at a maximum speed of 5mbps, this went for two days when a local engineer visited next door neighbour who had lost her telephone connection, the engineer reconnected her line & Yes you have it our line had again been disconnected so I told the engineer what had happened & he replied No it was not me I have'nt disconnected your line & drove off so again I reported the incident to BT & they turned up two weeks later on the 23 October & reconnected our telephone & our internet & assured us we would not be disconnected again "Only time will tell", The point here is, what a disgusting service BT are providing, we are elderly people whom rely on this service in the case of an emergency, I am disabled, deaf & I need a connection to stay in touch with the outside world & BT are fully aware of this as it is all on their data base, Why were there four enginers called in from Leicester, Norfolk, Bolton, some where else down south of England whom could not reconnect us for what ever reason, Why did we have to wait six weeks for the fifth engineer who was a local Wrexham engineer to reconnect us. I have been in touch again with BT and told them I want to claim compensation for all this inconvenience & having to buy mobile telephone which has an expensive appetite especially having to keep telephoning BT & the have informed me that at that particular time of four weeks I was entitled to £7.02. I fail to see how this can be justified as being called compensation when it is not even a refund, It is only the fact that I am disabled & deaf that I need the internet for communicating with people so that I may have some quality of life other wise I would have finished with BT long ago but I guess BT are fully aware of this & have us all over a barrel, after all whom do you complain to as you cannot approach them as they are untouchable, but I suppose you can always find out what the weather is like in India..........One very annoyed BT customer wondering how long will this connection last, will I get time to finish this review & post it !

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