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We are a family of four with two children aged 9 and 11 years.
We were to fly with Ryanair home to Denmark from Stansted, London on the 20 oct 2012.
We saw the most degrading treatment I have ever experienced with systematic detention of passengers at the gate.

We arrived at Stansted airport Saturday 20 October 2012 at 6.00. We checked in our luggage shortly after. We went to security check and came through shortly after.
After the purchase of water from the kiosk and a visit to the toilet we went directly to the gate where we stood almost at the back of the queue. Behind us were only 3 more passengers. The gate was still not open and we waited in the queue at the gate for 30 minutes before it opened.
When we finally arrived at the gate, we were told that my daughter`s small shoulder bag had to be packed in the hand luggage. Of that we were surprised, but we did as gate staff wanted. The Repackaging went on right in front of the gate and took about 1 minute. When we finished, we were told that the gate was closed and that we could not get on the plane. We were ready at the gate long before it opened. Our luggage had the right size and did not weigh too much. It was a completely unfair treatment by Ryan Air.
We were not offered any alternative travel or compensation. We were told that we should go back to the ticket counter.
Here we met neither sympathy nor help.
It is our belief that the plane was overbooked and this is the real reason why we were rejected. My wife´s bording pass had already been checked in when all this took place. My wife recalls that one member of the staff, said “full” to another member of the staff before it all took place and we were denied boarding. We have acquaintances that were onboard that plane, where we were denied access. They can confirm that the plane was completely full and it was said in the speakers.
We spoke to other families at the airport who had experienced similar treatment by Ryan Air to other destinations.
The worst example we saw was a single mother with two very young children. She was denied boarding due to a bit of baby milk in a bottle. She had no money for anything and Ryanair did nothing ...

The end is that we must go to Heathrow airport and fly home with SAS via Oslo. This was the cheapest possible solution out of London October 20, 2012.

Extra costs 12000 dkr. ~ 1200 £...!!

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