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Cut costs; better phone; no hassle; job done!

Thank you, my friend, for solving my upgrade problem helpfully. I knew I wanted a good smartphone. I knew I didn't want to pay £35 or more per month and preferably less than £25 per month. I knew I'd like to keep my number. I knew I wanted more than 200 mins, 500 texts, approx 500MB data, and some wi-fi. I was willing to have a 24month contract
I filled in a website questionnaire with dial-a-phone and waited for a list of nearly matches...I expected to have to compromise......alot...and wait... a lot.
A day passed
A phone call from dial-a-phone to check they understood me. (Wouldn't a friend want to avoid misunderstandings?)
And then they went to find something for me...
I waited for a response. I expected disappointment and a need to compromise on price or what I wanted.

Did I get disappointed, or worry about what I had to pay each month?


Phone: Samsung S2 ... check
Free mins Xnetwork: 600mins (did I hear right?)... check check and check
Texts: Unlimited texts.... check check check etc...
Data: 500MB data ....check
WiFi: 250MB wi-fi.... check
Remain on Vodaphone in case abroad: Stay on Vodaphone ... check
Same telephone number... check
Cost per month = £21. inc VAT (great deal!!)
I don't need my previous contract 200mins, 500texts, 250mb wifi plus a 1GB wi-fi dongle at £17 + £6 for dongle PLUS Vat. = £23

So now for the wait.......4 days (ONLY 4 DAYS???)

So "too good to be true"?
Go online and check the tariffs.

e-mail to tell me and confirm contract, e-mail to tell me my phone despatched, good contact!!!
Such a good deal!!!!!
Phone arrived by courier

It took me longer to transfer my contacts to my new phone than to get a new contract with ALL I wanted and more!!!

Thank you dial-a-phone!!!

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