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Advance Technologies

Totally Incompetent At Best!

If you value your hard earned cash then these people should be avoided at all costs. Before making an order I queried them on the compatibility of 3 items that they stock and received the answer that there would be no problem with the components. On this basis I put in the order worth over £450. The next day after reading an online review that contradicted the answer I received from Advance Tech I contacted them again questioning the compatibility of the parts and quoting the review I had read. This time they replied saying they had contacted the manufacturer and in fact the parts were not compatible so the order was promptly cancelled.
After checking with my bank a week later the money still hadn’t been refunded so I contacted them several times by telephone and e-mail and got fobbed off with various excuses like that the entire accounts department were in a meeting and later that my money had been refunded. To cut a long story short it took over a month to get my money refunded and this was only after intervention from my bank and Trading Standards.
This company seems to operate in the grey area of the law, they will tell you anything in order to get your money but when they have it they will keep it for as long as they can and only refund when threatened with legal action. Both the bank and Trading Standards require you to wait 30 days before they can take any action on your behalf.

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