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It arrived unexpectely quickly.

Very pleased. Delivery man was very pleasant. I was quite pleased with the price too.


Good solid constuction.

Delivery men were very helpful, There was a problem not being able to remove the palette from the truck. Good company to deal with. No friction whatsoever. Instructions were quite good although there were one or two little places where i got caught out, e.g. the treated supports were not square so it mattered that they all went round the same way. The most annoying aspect was that there was quite a lot of hardware missing which meant I had either to wait until some were shipped to me or as I decided, go and buy some. Some of this was counted exactly but there were no 70mm nails, many 70mm screws short and only about half the number of 25 mm screws that there should have been. On the plus side, it assembled quite quickly so there were fewer and fewer pieces to work out. The wooden pieces were all present and very accurately machined which would have been a huge setback if this were not so. I think the door frame should be screwed in along the sides to make it more rigid, though I have not done that yet as I the instructions did not specify this. I am unsure about the fitting of the doors as they barely open to right angles with the front before you can feel pressure on the hinges. I feel the need to put stops in the ground to prevent the wind or a child catching the door and ripping the hinges or more seriously, cracking the door itself. I also think the window should be more substantial and provide a slightly better airtight seal. I think the tongue and groove roof and floor are excellent. The quality of the roof felt is much better than basic. Overall, I think it is good value for money and I can recommend it.

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