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useful info for deciding, great prices, speedy delivery in a 1 hour slot standard!

As in title - & I was kept informed of the despatch & delivery at all stages - they even told e-mailed me that the deliverer would be here the next day between 13.38 & 14.38 & he was! - & I think they would alternatively keep people updated by text if they prefer, but I never go for this option.

LightRabbit LED Lighting

Cheap, prompt, helpful, trustworthy

I bought an LED-dimmer switch, It turned out to be unsuitable for UK market but LightRabbit were extremely helpful about this, even offering their e-mail as proof of their promise to refund return postage (infinitely better than most firms, who argue about return postage for months even when you quote the law that states that they're responsible for return postage on goods not useable!) - so would recommend this company to anyone & will use them again.


appalling deliveries & ignored complaint about delivery

BHL split my order into 2 parts but didn't tell me & so I didn't know to expect the small part over a week earlier than the estimated delivery date.
THE SMALL PART was delivered by Amazon, who're usually good but this time were appalling, making 3 separate huge errors:
1) the deliverer ignored my Royal Mail sticker on my front door saying NOT to disturb neighbours to take deliveries (& my own larger notice saying likewise)
2) the deliverer then ignored the neighbour saying she didn't want to take delivery, pressing her to do it "just this once"
3) the deliverer then didn't even give me a card saying what he'd done with my parcel ! (So I hadn't a clue why someone was then beating my door down from 11pm for 20 mins! - neighbour is eccentric - until I saw her next day)
I complained to BHL about this, saying they should at least've told me that Amazon were delivering the small part sooner, but BHL didn't even reply.
THE LARGE PART, the gas fire - the deliverer was inadequately equipped to deliver this -
a) it was very heavy (having an internal cast-iron radiator) but the deliverer didn't even have a trolley! - so he carried it up my high garden by its 2 thin straps & then, understandably, dropped it its last 30 cms to my floor - I hope he didn't break any delicate parts! (I'm still waiting for my gasman to have time to fit it.)
b) he didn't have a pen for me to sign for the order either! - but luckily I keep one in the hall.
I didn't bother complaining to BHL about this, being as they hadn't bothered replying to my other complaint, & so there was no point.
So basically BHL have a great website for looking up info & they have great prices BUT their deliveries are appalling AND they ignore complaints about them!


cheap, efficient, good bandwidth & allowance, nearly 100% reliable, quick customer service, but perhaps use own router!

I wouldn't say they're quite 100% perfect but there's no option for 4 & three quarters or 4 & a half stars out of 5!
We had a few teething problems but they were sorted out pretty quickly.
I particularly like their secure messaging area, where they reply to your queries (instead of communicating by e-mail, which is less secure).
I also particularly like their e-mailing us when we're approaching our monthly download allowance, very helpful & useful.
The overnight (midnight to 8am) unlimited download is very useful for downloading games overnight & using them later (my son says).
The option to pay extra £5 for no bandwidth restriction at peak times is a good idea & very honest of them. We don't find it necessary.
The option to pay extra £5 for going over month's £60GB by 5GB is useful occasionally - & there are other tariffs.
We've only had one period of internet loss in our year with them, & it was only a couple of hours late in the evening. The phone was also off then.
Generally very happy with them compared to previous internet providers. (ntl & Tiscali were awful, TalkTalk were OK but cost more, Primus were OK but we only had them for phone.)

CO Operativeinsurance

bad, not to be confused with other co-op companies, which are good where this one's bad

I've been with CIS (Co-operative Insurance Society, recently rebranded as Co-op Insurance) for 20 years but only because they're the only company that'll insure a house with gas fires instead of central heating.
To cut 5 long stories very short,
1) I used to let 3 rooms &, although I insured with them because they agreed that that was OK, they repeatedly refused to put it in writing at all, & so I had to record a conversation of their staff member saying that they were including it in the agreement! - ridiculous way to carry on a business!
2) they ordered minor damage to my home to cover up evidence of a potential claim (ordered cornice removed, which was only thing showing where heavy rain cause crack to widen) & after I got the damage fixed at my own expense, it took me 2 years to get them to put right the damage they'd ordered
3) I used to let 3 rooms but reduced it to 2 - I'd had a policy that'd allowed me to let 3 but changed it to a cheaper one that allows only 2 - then when I wanted to change it back, they said they no longer do such policies - they could've told me that before I changed! - not remotely happy!
4) my new policy says on my bank statements direct debits "F&A Insurance" & so I pointed out to CIS that it's not just a Fire & Accident policy - they just said that's not what F&A means but wouldn't say what it does mean - I feel they can't even lie properly!
5) I recently found that CIS should've offered me Co-op membership points & so I asked Co-op membership how to get them & they told me that CIS has to give me them, so I asked CIS for them but they just referred me back to Co-op memberships, totally doging their responsibility in this matter - one'd think I was asking for a claim not just for points, cos their reply treated me as though it were from a Loss Adjuster / claim refuser!
I have paper proof of all of 2-5 but obviously not of 1.

amazingly cheap, accurately made

amazingly cheap, accurately made (I've had 4 pairs, no problems - in fact my optician tested 2 of the glasses & confirmed they're exactly what I ordered), postage takes 2-4 weeks as they're made in China (but then forwarded from UK office - it's a UK company), ordering is easy & the website gives lotsa useful ordering tips & pitfalls to avoid, website could be a teeny bit easier to navigate but it's better than most -
obviously ordering from outside UK is bad for UK's balance of trade but, when one needs 4 glasses for different distances (as I do) & one is on a low income (as I am, although self-emp, doing badly!), then unfortunately sometimes it's necessary to be a trade-deficit-traitor, BUT as it's a UK based company & it's just that the glasses are made outside UK, at least a large part of the work/wages & profit are UK

25 October 2012

Reply from SelectSpecs

Thanks for your great review! :)

Postage should usually take around 2 weeks (often quicker) with most items out of china, they're shipped to our UK office before being dispatched now. Just to clarify that you are ordering from a UK based company, we have a shop in Westgate on Sea, Kent.

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