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Bright Lights for Every NIght

I love handing out light thingies for Halloween, July 4th and pretty much any public occasion. Glowuniverse had a great selection and they ship so fast. I order in bulk and then pass them out to everyone I meet.

The neighborhood kids know to start at my house on 10/31 so they are safer on their romp. One year I passed out more than 200 bracelets; it was a real thrill for me and the kids had such a good time.


Not What I Wanted

My real problem with Costco is the fact that they just didn't have the products I wanted. I have a specific preference for certain brands and Costco just didn't carry them. While I did have the opportunity to get some new brands, and they did have some meat products I liked, but it wasn't enough to prompt me to return after the first year.

MoneyNing Personal Finance

Saves me time, every visit

I hate paying full price for anything. On the other hand, I rarely have the time to spend hours searching for promo codes. When I want speed and savings, MoneyNing is where I head.

As good as the coupons are, the site is also full of information on how to save money and live cheaply. I've already cut my cable bill and reduced my electricity usage, and I'm always looking for a way to keep more of my paycheck in my pocket, so the tips I get here help me do that.

Is it worth my time to visit MoneyNing? You betcha!


Thank Goodness Avenue is Online

When I lived out East I always shopped at Avenue, they had the best clothes for larger women. Once I moved west, however, I couldn't find a store anywhere. Fortunately, they are online, and I can still get my favorite styles, no matter where I roam.


Shoes walk right to your door!

Ok, they don't really, but I have been able to find shoes for my big old feet much more easily since I discovered Zappos. You know what's even better than finding the footwear I need? Finding it for less. I can almost always count on Zappos to have exactly what I want, when I want it.


Without the Shoebox!

I love being able to save on just about everything by going to just one website. You name it, and you can get a discount. Phone services, restaurants, computers, clothes, travel, it's all in one spot. You never have to go anywhere else.

Grab Media

Save Steps while Viewing Videos

Let's face it, no one wants to have to click through to find videos any more. They want everything right there in front of them when they find your blog. With this plug-in you don't have to go anywhere else. Easy to use, with plenty of options, Grab Media is a treat.


Fly Me to the Moon...

Or anywhere else for that matter. I have flown with Frontier for many years. Each time it is a pleasure. From the booking process to the flight and even bag retrieval, the service is exceptional. As long as Frontier is going my way, I go with them.


Ugly? Maybe. Comfortable? Definately

I don't go on any trip without my Crocs along. Any time you have a lot of walking to do, Crocs are the perfect alternative shoe. Squishy, but firm, these clogs are ideal at the pool or on the boat. They have saved me from blisters time and again.


Perfect Costume, Right on Time

I ordered a costume for my child last year, a hard to find adult sized Belle outfit. It arrived quickly and in great shape. It's always tough when your kid's size outstrips their age, but thanks to HalloweenCostumes.com everyone was happy on Halloween.

14 November 2012

Reply from HalloweenCostumes.com

Hi Yael!

Thanks for reviewing us! I bet that is tough finding the right size for her, but I'm glad you were able to find something! I hope you'll shop with us again next Halloween!


Identity Guard®

No Worries About Identity Theft Now

Just last year my dad had his bank account invaded by identity thieves. Imagine my delight when I found a great deal on Identity Guard at Costco. With constant monitoring I don't have to worry about anyone getting my information, and I know if anyone tries to hack me, I'll find out right away. I can even track my credit score! Awesome product, wish I had found it sooner.

Knit Picks

Customer Friendly, Fiber Fantastic

With free shipping for purchases over $50, and a wide variety of yarns, books and needles, it is hard to argue with Knitpick's appeal. On the other hand, the increases in prices lately have changed it from my go to place, to one of many I check. I acknowledge yarn is more expensive everywhere, but I used to love the killer bargains I found every time I shopped.


Great Fitness Gear for the Full Figured Woman

Just because I'm big doesn't mean I don't want to work out. It also doesn't mean I want to work out in men's clothes or ugly gear. Junonia has stylish clothes for large, active women, up to size 6x. My main complaint is that they don't carry enough of their gear beyond a 3x-4x. Great quality, fast shipping and fun clothes makes a 4 star experience for me.

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