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"Trade-In" your old Polo, for something else from our "Mint Collection".

Cotton Traders has been around for some time now, I have been a customer for a considerable part of that time. I think the best way to do this is to give out the Pro's and Con's of my dealings with the Company.

PRO'S :- Customer service is very good, any problems which may occurr are dealt with in a very quickly and efficiently.
Products are generally of good quality! and nobody would be ashamed of wearing the "Cotton Traders" logo.
Website and catalogues are well laid out and very colourful.
"Returns" of an unsuitable item, is dealt with efficiently with no hassle about refunds.
Delivery of goods is generally good, but dependant on "Third Parties".

CON'S:- Some products in the range are, what could be termed "Old Fashioned". Mainly the various types of "Polo" shirts, which have probably been seen as all that Cotton Traders sell. Slight colour changes in the Plaquettes, do not make these garments more modern, than they were when the company started out. People see these items as being what Cotton Traders are all about.
Some of the newer, more modern items are making inroads, but really require to be augmented with other modern products, to increase the scope of sales.
I think a bit more sofistication is required in the product range, quite a lot of customers only use the company when they want to change their "Polo Shirts"

Regular customers like me, wait until the "Sales" are on, and there are sufficient reductions to make a purchase worth while. This would indicate to me that prices in the catalogues, are on the expensive side to start with. Who in their right mind would buy a Polo Shirt at some £17:00 plus £03:99 p&p. (£21:00) for a long sleeve Polo Shirt, I don't think so!

The accessories line in every catalogue I've seen, are abysmal!, and that's being Kind. "Nujj Said"

Some more imagination in product selection is needed to modernise the product range, and make it more attractive to a younger clientelle.

Do not discard the old standby Polo Shirts, but feature more modern items such as some of the very nice Mens Shirts that have come into the range recently. Dare I say it, The Company is becoming "Old Fashioned"

As usual, I think with any company using the Postage or Courier Systems for delivery, tend to be too expensive. Some other companies I've used are approaching half the cost of what Cotton Traders Charge for delivery.
Then again on "Returns" some other companies have appointed shops in areas, where returns can be taken and collected by Couriers, "Free Of Charge". With Cotton Traders, you also have to pay for returns, a really big "Turn-Off" to ordering items, in the first place, if you know that you have to pay, not only for delivery, but also "Returns".

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