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Relatively cheaper , wide varieties of products, & easy to navigate website

I am looking for Sarah Jessica Parker' and Lancome Miracle perfumes, and Parfume-Klik offers a relatively cheaper price than other listed, even highly ranked, companies within Parfume category on Trustpilot.

The website is user friendly and easy to navigate, with clear picture. I ended up purchasing other products such as shampoo, face cream, and clenser due to clear product presentation on the website.

Recommended seller!


super bad service

your service is so disappointing..! i ordered chinese foods now, and you said you will send email/sms notification in a minutes after i paid...but NO! Nothing happened! no email confirmation and the food which i have waited for 1 hour never come!

you dont even have section on profile account where users can see what they have ordered. (not the stempelkort) Fatal!

06 August 2013

Reply from Hungry.dk ApS

Dear Riska

We are terribly sorry about the issues you encountered. An error occured that caused your order to not go through. The payment did go through unfortunately, but as we wrote you earlier, the payment has been cancelled and the money should be back in your account. It's extremely rare that we experience this thing and we must apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks for the suggestion to the profile page, we are definately going to improve this area in the future.
We again apologize and hope you will consider trying us another time.

Best regards
Team Hungry.dk


"Your Netbook is Not Danish": HP After-sales service Denmark Hurt My Loyalty to HP brand

I used to be an HP brand loyalist. I shopped plenty of HP products before from PC to printer to laptop to netbook. However, after HP Support Denmark tried to ping pong me when I need their help to repair my broken netbook, said that it wasn't danish, and yet did not give us step by step to fix our unit, whether under or outside guarantee, I am very heart broken and decided would not buy HP again for my new HP netbook.

I blogged about this incident here http://nordicnomads.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/your-netbook-is-not-danish-said-hp-technical-support-denmark-a-lesson-for-global-companies/

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Sprogcenter Ia

Master Your Glottal Stop and Danish Pronounciation with IA Sprog

The first thing I did when I arrived in Denmark was to contact many language schools to study Danish, and IA Sprog was the one which gave me the quickest offer, before I knew that the school was the largest one in the country with plenty of spaces. The school still is very responsive anytime I need to reschedule my class.

The most important thing you can learn at IA Sprog is to master the glottal stop and pronunciation of Danish language, which no book can tell you how. Speaking is always their emphasis, especially in the intensive program.

Estonian Air

The Airline Freaked Me Out

I ordered ticket to fly back to my home in Copenhagen (Tartu-Tallinn-Copenhagen) in September 1, 2012. In the night before my flight, which scheduled to board at 6 AM, the company suddenly informed me that my flight was cancelled and they will replaced it with bus to Tallinn to catch my connecting flight. After preparing anything, including extra and earlier van booking to get the bus which planned to bring me to Tallinn, Estonian air called me again that they had managed to get replacement plane to Tallinn, so my flight was not cancelled.

When I waited at Tartu Airport, they boarded quiet late, almost half an hour late, which freaked me as my connecting flight from Tallinn boarded at 7.05 AM. As predicted, I had to rush to the next gate and became the last passenger boarded, while the rest had already waited. Still good that this connection flight waited for me.

My first choice to pick Estonian Air was because I want to buy something local, experiencing local airline, but I guess for international flight I have to reconsider again flying with this carrier. I also hope their flight crew to smile a bit.


Affordable and Nice Way to Travel Around Europe

I used Norwegian air two times. First during the winter 2011 where I was surprised for being able to fly to Italy from Norway for only around USD60, i was expecting it to be more. Second time, I flew to Estonia this summer, also affordable.

Norwegian Air is a great choice when you want to be budget friendly yet not sacrificing quality and comfort of flying. I am sick with low cost airline out there which try to squeeze my last money out of my pockets, but Norwegian is relatively better when I want to value all aspects of travelling around Europe.

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Many of my friends sometimes don't understand why I am keen to keep filling review and evaluation, either online, on the street, or right after eating at the restaurant when a waiter offered us to fill questionnaire paper.

I guess my previous work as data tabulation and assistant consultant at marketing research company has given me understanding how important constructive input from clients and customers are.

My colleague described me as the devil in detail; yup I like categorizing and sharing my opinion to others to as influencial buyer. Most f my friends likely trust what I said when it comes to consumer products.