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Simply the best just as Tina Turner hammers it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all need vitamin supplements.
Why she says?
Well let me put it this way. When I was a wee lad growing up in a tiny wee village in Scotland, I remember the winters most of all. Fierce unrelenting days of snow and temperatures way below minus.
I remember the sheep in the field being fed turnips and the cattle fed off the haystacks. Come the SPRING those pastures were ploughed under, all natural droppings from the animals, and then seeded. Crops of barley and spuds, cabbage, turnips , corn, and sometimes a field of wild flowers. Something different each season. Finally the hay for the cattle and horses.
Sure we got colds and the sniffles, sore teeth and lots of scrapes and bruises. But know this: we were healthy.
At 8 years old I was cooking for my family. My Mum had a serious burn accident , Mum fell face first into one of the old kitchen ranges, She spent four years in hospital in the skin graft wards.
So what has this to do with vitamins and supplements.
Nothing and everything.
In 1967 long after my Mum had recovered we moved to Africa where life was and still is very tough indeed. But guess what we had so much space and we grew our own food and we shared it.
Back then there was nothing else. Need I explain?
I thought not. The good was put back into the soil and never have I seen watermelons and maize, gem-squash, carrots, onions, and cabbages, lettuce and carrots grow like they did in those lands.
Cattle that grazed on the land were healthy with great shine on their hides.
Today it's called organic, and how much of that is what you get?
3 % - 5% unless you know what you are buying. And after the horse-input saga can you really be confident that your organic veg is what it says?
I don't know.
What I can say with confidence is that we have lost these miracle times of my youth, tough though they were.
I fished daily as a child and no matter the size of my catch we shared that fish or we shared the hungry bellies if I had caught nothing.
And we don't get the same nutrition today no matter how it gets spun off.
I will be 60 this year in August. I use a number of Simply Supplement products.
I feel like I am in my early twenties.
Do it for yourselves.


Simply Brilliant Sales Website, Value for Money and Unbeatable Delivery Service.

I have spent a considerable amount of money with HiFix these past few months. Their website is one of the best user friendly sites I have used and I buy a lot over the web. Recommended 100% without hesitation. Delivery is Parcel Force and real time tracking available from the moment you get despatch notification. I have total trust in this company. Keep up the good work Frank, you have a great operation!

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