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Scent Mall


I should have known it was too good to be true!
The perfume arrived whilst I was on holiday, so unfortunately it has meant I was unable to contact them until today, but, having read others' feedback, i won't be holding my breath!
I had ordered a perfume called 'Freedom' and received instead a cheap imitation of Coco Chanel.
And why is the company registered with co.uk when it is in Bulgaria??? Surely something can be done about this.
If only I had read the other feedback before ordering - seems I have just washed £30 down the drain!!
Has anyone tried to recoup money via their credit card and has anyone managed to get their money returned? And I am concerned about the fact they have my credit card details - anyone had any problems with this?
Share this with as many as possible - IT IS A SCAM!
This is, without a doubt, fraud.

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