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From inspiring to uninspiring

I loved iwantpants as it was a small company in Wales which gave a great choice, but that was many years ago. Time has moved on technically and digitially but iwp seems not to of moved with the times.
I believe in buying from small companies than the larger ones to give the individuals support. I feel now that iwp is lagging behind, why? ............... Their website is outdated as one only has a small view of the item, no roll over to check colour or detail and above all no customers comments available, so one shops blind, unless like me on my last shop I knew the items well.
Come on iwantpants, people like me want to shop with you for the reasons above but please get with the programme.

However one has to say in favour of them that once you have placed and paid for the items it is dispatched immediately. They are delivered in excellent condition, boxed and presented well with even a returns note if needed.
WE LOVE YOU, but please get updated.

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