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Stay away, no, run away from CameraKings. When the service is this bad price really doesn't matter at all.

My experience was much like the others listed here. I thought I was getting a good price but after all miscellanious fees added and worthless products that were thrown in, it was anything but. They overcharged about $700.00 on what should have been a $1400 order. I sent them several emails over a two week period but got no response, not one. Fortunately, my bank clearly seemed to be aware of their underhanded tactics and had no problem providing an immediate credit to cover the $700 loss. BTW: They charged an outragious $125 for handling and insurance, which seemed quite excessive especially considering the fact that the package looked as though it boxed and taped by a pair chimps (not very bright ones at that) After all bananas can't cost that much. Everything was thrown into a single thin walled box with nearly no packing material. Everything within the box was just a couple steps away from destructon and were about to come out of the package.

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I am a well educated, honest federal employee working as a tactical planner/engineer for the department of defense. I don't like liars, greedy and/or lazy persons who take pleasure in riping off fellow workers simply because they beleive they have convinced themselves that they are some how better. Yeah Right,