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Super hjemmeside med gode og spændende tilbud.
Kan anbefales!

21 March 2014

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Hej Camilla

Mange tak for anbefalingen.

Venlig hilsen



Awfull! Worst experience ever! NO SERVICE :(

For the first time of my life I have never experienced service so bad! Normally I am really patient, but this I can never forgive.

My order was supposed to arrive not later than 22th August. But it did not. I waited a few days (until 28th August) and then I wrote to them. They asked me to wait a few more days (of course) and then go check at my local post office - so I did. Nothing have ever arrived (I know this is probably not Asos fault).

But my father contacted them - course I felt it was out of my hands - and told them, that my order still was not arrived and that I would like my money back or a new shirt (it was a bit pricy!) - But all they did was telling him bad excuses. And every time he tried to do something, they just came up with a new bad excuse for not telling, what then was going to happen and what the solution on this would be. They simply rejected to tell my father anything. They said it was because he did not write from the registered email though I sent them a confirmation containing his email to them.

It was too much. So I took over again. I contacted Asos the 10th September in the morning. Suddenly the new excuse was that she did not know if my address was correct, so she wanted me to check up on that. I told them immediately that my address was correct!

Since then I have not heard from them, and today is the 13 September in the evening. I have written at least two following mails about what then was going to happen, and if somebody please could answer me. But no. What concerns me the most is that they have plenty of time for answering my father that contacted them again - but not me?
I finally changed the registered email to my father’s email - and now they are not answering him.

I cannot believe that such a big company has such bad service! I would never ever recommend them! Course if something is wrong with your order, you are just screwed… There is NO SERVICE TO FIND…
And this is my first order I have placed with them. NOT a good impression!!!!
(Sorry for the long post, I am just so sad over this)

Today is the 28th October and i still have not got my money back???

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Hurtig levering!

Det gik vildt hurtigt med at få varerne! 2 dage inkl. bestillingsdagen. Og så var der en lille vingummipose og en prøve med hihi. :-)


Aldrig skuffende!

Varen kommer hurtigt, de sikrer sig om man er tilfreds og det er billigt! Har aldrig haft problemer! Coolshop kan STÆRKT anbefales! :-)

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