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I ordered a Sat Nav for 2 weeks with full Europe maps for a trip at the end of August to Croatia. I was advised at the time of ordering that the Sat Nav would arrive approx 1 week before the date i would be departing. The Sat Nav had not arrived by around 4 days before my deaprture so i called to query. They advised that my order had been cancelled. The amount had been charged to my card and this was confirmed by the SatNavEasy team though they couldnt explain why the order was cancelled and advised it was a computer error. To be fair they placed another order free of charge and sent the Sat Nav by next day delivery though it was a good thing i queried when i did as i may not had received it in time! The maps on the Sat Nav were hopelessly out of date. Several points along the journey most notably entering France and in Slovenia and Croatia the Sat Nav could not calculate a route or was telling us to take a route where no roads exsisted!! Despite the mishaps we made it there and back. The final insult was the fact that we were not refunded for postage for sending the Sat Nav back even though it stated in the paperwork that you would be refunded for doing so. The only benefit was the cost of hiring appeared to be cheap but I'm sure there is better value out there with less of a headache!

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