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Effortless dealings

I ordered a Sterling by Musicman Ray35 Bass (the last one they had) on Wed 19th December having been looking for the best deal for a little while. Not a small value item by any means and I originally intended to wait for the seasonal rush to die down but decided to go for it. Emailed first to ask about packaging and damage protection etc and they responded overnight putting my concerns to rest. Placed the order online and looked forward to the overnight delivery as per the website blurb but in my heart expected a round of failed deliveries and lots of waiting in due to the time of year.

Lo and behold I was kept up to date with the order progress by email (order received, order confirmed, order shipped etc), over the course of the 19th and then on the 20th was emailed stating DPD would deliver between 17:00 & 18:00. I informed the wife who then happily went to Sainsburys and did the school run without fear of my wrath if she missed the delivery driver. 17:00 came and passed and I was just starting to wonder if it could really be this straightforward when at 17:15 she called me to say that it had been delivered.

Thank you DV247 & DPD for actually making this online purchase truly effortless for the customer.


Delivered when I needed it........just

Ordered 2x framed maxi posters on a Tues 16/10/12 as I was planning to decorate my kids room of the Friday Mon-Wed of the following week and had taken time off work. The website (from what I saw) highlighted 24-48 hr deliveries in most cases. There was also a flat £9.50 delivery charge per framed poster detailed on the site during the online order process (so £19.00 in total) which I grudgingly accepted. We chased the delivery after 3 days and courier issues were advised to be the reason for the delay. The goods eventually arrived on Tues of the following week (7 days from ordering) and both framed posters were packed in the same box with no additional packing however the goods were undamaged. We contacted GB Posters and pointed out that the delivery charge was excessive considering the packing and lateness and it was agreed that we should not have paid two carriage charges and we have received a refund of £9.50.
Overall it was an acceptable experience however this would have been a lot worse if the frames were damaged, and late and the £19.00 delivery was non negotiable. Just about retained my business as I am sure my lad will want a further poster as he loves the look of his room with these in there.

Update - having re-read the shipping info on the website - framed posters do take up to 5 days and the flat £9.50 does say "regardless of quantities" so the £19.00 was a genuine error. Keep an eye on your shipping cost when ordering online.

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