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Like sleeping on a marshmallow

I'd had several bad experiences with mattresses, beginning with a £400 pocket sprung example from Sleepm*sters that subsided by 2" in just four months. While they strung out the problem bouncing me around 'customer services' for six months I developed back issues which needed an osteopath and a course of Pilates lessons to overcome. That's on top of waking up every two hours during the night in pain. Thanks Jonathan.

In the search for a mattress that would stay comfortable for more than a few months I tried pretty much every type, from pocket springs to open coil springs to foam. With a weakened back none was suitable for long; I was very sensitive to settlement. The one mattress type I hadn't tried was latex, which interested me as foam had been quite good but not quite resilient enough. However the price had put me off. You have to be very careful with latex as there is natural 'tallalay' latex, Dunlop latex - which I suspect is synthetic but often marketed as natural - and synthetic latex. The distinctions get very blurred once marketing people get hold of it.

My open coil mattress had been 'OK' but after a year was starting to deteriorate and something had to be done. Not wishing to be 'stuck' with another collapsing mattress I was browsing Amazon as their returns policy is very good. I didn't find a proper latex mattress there but Yanis Mattresses appeared as a link beneath. I investigated and was intrigued to see a natural latex mattress 16cm deep for £400. The marketing blurb didn't seem too fake and the video clip was interesting.

Yanis offer a 7-day refund period which in practice is little or no use because (1) experience showed me that any settlement issues would take loinger to appear (2) you had to keep the mattress unopened - and as they're vacuum packed you can't use the mattress until you open the packaging!

Anyway I had little choice so took the plunge and ordered one. A question about pillows was answered promptly and the mattress turned up on the day requested. The box had been resealed by the carrier so Yanis might like to put a bit more tape on next time.

However, the important thing is how it feels to sleep on. Compared to the open coil mattress it's like sleeping on a marshmallow! It is soft but supportive, neither too hot nor too cold, and is extremely comfortable to sleep on. 16cm is just thick enough; you wouldn't want it any thinner. Yanis talk about seven zones although how this is done and where they are is not clear. However, the middle of the mattress seems firmer/higher than the areas on each side - is that right? Anyway, I suppose it means I have a firm mattress in the middle and a softer mattress on either side. And so, if and when the sides do compress a little with time, I can shuffle into the middle... we shall see.

But perfection is a lot to ask for and so far (7 days in) I'm very pleased with my Yanis latex mattress. It's not cheap, but it's affordable for latex and has to be better than the pocket sprung and memory equivalents in the shops. Service was good and I hope it will stay as good as it is now. I think, if there are problems, Yanis will be more humane than Sleepm*sters, from whom I'm still paying the price.

After 7 days I give Yanis four stars - very good for service and product so far, just losing one for the minimal returns policy.

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