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The Tapas Lunch Company

Expensive and poor quality

The morcilla arrived on a Friday, having been posted on a Thursday. It had expired on the Monday so was 4 days past its sell by date when we received it.

It was 3 days out of date when it was sent and that cost me 14.95 GBP.

31 October 2012

Reply from The Tapas Lunch Company

OK, first of all, if you had a problem, why not report it to us and allow us to offer you a solution rather than coming on here straight away. If you look through the reviews here, you'll see that we're the type of company that respect our customers and sort things out when they go wrong. You didn't even give us a chance to do that.

Secondly, this is obviously a picking error in the warehouse. We don't purposefully send out expired food, it is a stock rotation error - a pack of morcilla from an older batch has accidentally got mixed in with newer batches and this went unnoticed at the time of picking your order. For that I sincerely apologise.

You have entitled your review "Expensive and Poor Quality". Presumably, as the product was expired, you didn't have a chance to try it, so I'm not sure how you can class it as poor quality. This is one of our best selling and best loved products and the hundreds of people a year that buy most definitely wouldn't class it as poor quality. What about the iberico chorizo and salchichon that you ordered, were they also of poor quality? I think not. Why have you also mislead readers with the price? The morcilla cost you £2.95. However you look at it, that's not expensive. Sure, the courier fee on your order was £14.99, but that's because you live in an area that UK Mail classes as Northern Scotland. That's not our fault. And for that you get 20 kg too, so if you take full advantage it can work out cost effective.

Anyway, if you're still open to resolution, I would of course like to offer you a refund on the morcilla. We're a good company and I'd like to at least get the chance to show you that.

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