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Just as simple, straightforward and easy as it claims to be

Registering is simple, the personal follow-up is helpful and highly reassuring, but even so the first time you want to commit a transfer of money, it is bound to be daunting. I would advise proceeding to the point where you actually see the effect of the live exchange rate on your transfer sum, and then log out. Next fill in the details of the person or account to whom you want to transfer funds, and finally log on again to do the actual transfer. In this way you will avoid feeling under pressure and you will already have a good feel of the site before commiting funds. Confirmation from HiFX that all had gone well followed a few minutes after placing the order, but since I was using internet banking both for confirmation that funds had gone from the source bank and confirmation that funds had arrived at destination back, I had to wait over a weekend befire I knew independently that HiFX had performed as easily and smoothly as it claimed. This is by far the easiest and cheapest way I have come across to transfer money internationally.

Vanilla Mart

Simply outstanding: this is what on-line shopping should be like.

A simple "Google" putting in 'vanilla pods', led me to an attractive, well laid-out, informative site. Having bought vanilla pods in specialised gocers previously (for a small fortune), I was greatly surprised by the very wide range of products and the varying quantities which it was possible to buy, but most of all by the extremely moderate prices. From the moment I placed my order until the postman delivered the package I had a gentle stream of e-mails informing me of every stage completed, and when I opened the package it was immediately obvious that I had a product of the highest quality. Furthermore the care and keeping instructions were clear and helpful. From my experience not only do I recommended Vanilla Mart highly, but I do not see how the service it provided could be bettered.

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