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Mercedes Benz

Mercedes haven't got any better since JD power first slated them in 2006.

We purchased and Mercedes CLK 270 convertible in April 2012. At the point of purchase we were pressured quite badly to take on there gap insurance and wheel and tyre insurance which was quite unpleasant but not intimidatingly so. the salesman was way too keen to get a score on the survey that would be sent of 9 or 10 which is a brand thing and should not be mentioned at point of sale as its for me to decide not for them to push me. This was actually the best part as it went down hill from here on in.

We asked for a few bits to be sorted on the car which we were told would be done as part of the pre delivery inspection. we picked the car up and low and behold the 2 main issues had not been done, this was a drivers seat belt which did not rebound and rattle from the gearbox which we were assured was a faulty plastic clip that retains the hand brake. We were then told that the seat belt had been re tensioned at that it was ok and perfectly legal. we took the car away and instantly had problems with the handbrake which would not disengage. we also noted that the car rolled back in gear which for an automatic is quite strange and we had never had another automatic that did this which is quite odd on hill starts and because of the dodgy handrake made the car quite difficult to drive. This went on for several weeks with the car going back to be "fixed" with the handbrake issue and also a gearbox switch issue which they eventually replaced after the gearbox got stuck in sport mode. They also eventually replaced the seatbelt but only after i threatened to hit them with a bill for a ruined £200 dress from a dirty seatbelt that was flapping about outside the car because it would not recoil. We also suffered a slow puncture so decided to use the insurance we had purchased to get the puncture fixed, although the salesman neglected to mention the fact there was an excess of £10 per tyre and the cost of a puncture repair was £10 so insurance proved worthless to us.
Eventually we lost patience and went to another Mercedes dealer in chesterfield. before we had chance to take it in we lost all drive from the gearbox. the car had done just 60k miles and now had a busted gearbox. we got told it would be a £700 fix as it was an electronic issue but upon arrival to collect the car there was a £1500 bill for some mechanics in the gearbox as well which i refused to pay. eventually they agreed to charge the original price as thats what they had diagnosed. Unfortunately the warranty that came with the car had just run out.

The point of this review is thus: The cars Mercedes produce especially the one we had are inferior in quality, a 60k mile car with the number of issues we have had is a joke especially since it had supposedly been quality checked. the dealerships are terrible in terms of quality of work and pricing. in the first 2 months of ownership Mercedes had the car as much as we did. I can quite confidently say that once this car goes back to Mercedes under the lease we will never drive another. we have a BMW that has been superb and had a jag that was also reliable and on the 1 occasion we had to take that in it was a pleasure to work with the dealership and totally painless. i wish i could say the same for Mercedes and there products! We have to get an inspection done on the car before its returned and i expect that to be as painful as the rest of the experience. I will update this review afterwards.


dodgy quality and rubbish customer service

Bought £1200 worth of oak furniture from these jokers, delivery no problem and no issues till we noticed the blanket box we bought had split in 2, we have 3 similar blanket boxes which we had purchased from a company in doncaster called furniture workshop. they looked the same so we bought a matching box from oakfurnitureland. The quality is very different. our lounge is half covered and half glass and calling oakfurniturelands customer service they told me it was not covered under warranty. she asked me had we cared for the item, was it in direct sunlight or near a heat source like a radiator or fire. she then told me that there website explained this. i told her that the paperwork did not mention these disclaimers and neither did the salesman. she said there are notices in store. my advice would be only buy from these jokers if you live in a cave! i will have to speak to bank now as i paid by debit card but i will never use them again as i dislike companies whose first reaction is to try and get out of there obligations. Please dont buy from these jokers, you can get excellent quality from british made and british sourced materials for not much more than oakfurnitureland are charging for poor quality foreign imports.

Update: After posting this review a very nice lady called grace from oak furnitureland called me out the blue and explained that the person giving me the information that my broken oak blanketbox was not covered on warranty had misinterpreted there T's&C's and after supplying photographs she agreed that regardless of where the furniture was positioned that break would have occurred. The placement was to cover discolration which had not occured and our furniture is in direct sunlight and in a conservatory. Grace agreed to replace the blanketbox and duly was as good as her word. The part of this story that impressed me is that they contacted me after the initial complaint which indicates they do have a review process by more experienced Customer service operators. My initial review still stands but the update to this purchase would lead me to buy from oakfurnitureland again as the other furniture is excellent and this could be an isolated incident. One cautionary word about delivery....they're not terribly flexible on delivery days as they have routes and are only in certain areas at certain times. it was convenient for me to replace my item from the store which shows great flexibility from the company but there delivery agents are not so. Well done oakfurnitureland and 4stars for the update.

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Big and beautifull

only store online that could supply a 54" chest cycling jacket, i was so impressed as it was a great price and absolutely perfect and a great fit! better than the £200 i had been quoted to make what is essentially a long pac a mac!

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