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Warranty is a scam

I brought a high gloss table and chairs which had a 5 yr warranty. One chair was replaced when the gloss came of. Recently another chair the gloss has come off. We went to the store with the chair and told to ring a number which we did. They then wanted pictures and said the store should have taken them As we couldnt do this anothe journey to the store. We were then contacted by a female by phone who offered us £50 as they no longer make the chairs. When I refused this it was a case of we will give you a credit note and you can buy 8 new chairs. Why would I want to buy another set of chairs from a store that cons their customers and sells poor quality furniture. I wrote a letter and this week it is just what the woman said. Why then offer a 5 yr guanantee that they are not willing to commit to. It for me is a PPI type con and a fraud by a company that clearly do not intend to do what they say on the package in the first place. Would I ever go back to this store and the answer is a big NO. Im due to but new furniture and this is one place I will definately AVOID

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Victoria Plumb

Went back again

Brought shower, tray,unit plus sink and toilet and accessories for refurb of daughters house. Was impressed with the quality and definately the price so went back for another complete set. Service delivery was great. Delay on the second but we were rung and told of the delay. Guys delivering were very helpful and left all goods where we wanted. Had zero percent loan on first and this worked well other than we needed the goods next day and the process allowed us to select and pay (so we thought) but we found out much later that next day delivery on finance not possible. This needs to be highlighted somewhere. Second purchase the finance failed on both myself and husband which Im not happy with as aour credit rating is very good. They asked questions about a loan but as we have had several zero % loans for daughter house I couldnt work out what loan they were on about and no doubt failed their test because we answered this incorrectly. The questions need to be more specific.

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