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Hide behind policy; lack of understanding and completely inflexible.

We booked a four-night break to Portugal to stay in the SAO RAFAEL SUITES.

On the way to the airport, there was a huge accident on the M62. This affected the road for almost four hours. Therefore we did not get to the airport for our flight.

I contacted Alpharooms and the hotel directly straight away. Alpharooms said it was up to the provider as to whether I got any refund or could transfer to different dates. The hotel said it was up to Alpharooms.

Alpharooms decided that I would not get any form of refund or change to the dates. All they did was quote policy to me. This is weak.

What difference would it have made to Alpharooms to transfer my booking to a different date? None!

To hide behind company policy, not look after customers in times of distress and to cash in on customers misfortune is simply abominable and frankly unethical.

The hotel's policy is to offer some sort of refund but Alpharooms won't allow this refund to be passed to me.

I am more than happy to have my booking transferred but Alpharooms, being completely inflexible, will not allow this.

I have been an extremely good customer of Alpharooms in the past but I will not book with Alpharooms again. Their intent to cash in on misfortune and hide behind company policy is unacceptable.

(Please don't reply quoting policy as it is not helpful)

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Redcar, United Kingdom