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Meet & Greet THIS WAS NOT!!!...More like hide and seek. First phoning as we approched we got a pre-recorded menu telling us to get rid of our luggage THEN drive to the short stay (This amidst absolute traffic chaos), THEN find the Parking Rep THEN see if we are on T H E 'LIST' (We were not - this list by the way is not even in any sort of order i.e. alphabetical or car reg or Order number but just completly random thus taking ages to look through) - Name not on list told to check with the Other parking attendant who at least acknowledged that yes I was holding an actual parking reservation from his firm and offered no explaination as to why we were NOT on T H E 'LIST' but did agree to note all the details and take charge of the vehicle as we needed to embark our cruise ship.

Coming back amidst anxiety wether car would even be still in this country, spent ages in the short stay car park looking for the parking representative who was very inconspicuous in dark clothing compared to the recieving reps who had flourescent jackets on. As I approached he was in discusion with another customer apologising that his car had not been brought to the car park. So with some foreboding I asked if my car was there and wonder of wonders it was....Full of relief I gratfully grabbed the keys and the money he gave me so that I could pay to get out of the car park and made a hasty exit.

Other meet & greet services I have used are just that - a driver meets up with you and takes the car on to wherever it is they are going to park it and I the customer can get on with my travel arrangements. When returning a call is put in to arrange where and when the vehicle will be given back - so much more convenient when lugging loads of luggage about. This situation left us anxious and bewildered as to how well our precious vehicle would be looked after.

We found the whole experience very much more stressfull and worrying than parking at a hotel or even a long-stay car park.

05 November 2012

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Dear Peter,

Thank you for your review.

Firstly I want to apologies for any inconvenience you suffered whilst parking with us at Southamption. I want to assure you we take all customer complaints very seriously and customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

I am very sorry the staff at Southampton were not aware of your booking, when a booking is put through on our system, a confirmation email is sent to both the customer and also the car park manager, therefore I can see no reason as to why the staff at Southampton were unaware of the booking.

I have passed this complaint on to the manager down at Southampton and can assure you as soon as I have a response from him I will be in touch immediately.

Kind regards,

Complaints Team Leader

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