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Cash 4 Phones


The on-line assessment said that I would receive £46 for my phone, while I expected the amount to differ I did not expect the measly £14 they offered me. Therefore I rejected their offer. I put my rejection in writing as it claimed that the return the phone would cost me just under £10. A fee which was mentioned no where on the internet, and an employee cannot even tell me if there is one.
Anyway I rejected my offer and am employee phoned me saying she would reassess my claim and email me the following day, she did not email me. Instead a few days later I received an email thanking me for me acceptance and that a cheque was in the post. I immediately emailed explaining that I had expressly rejected the offer, the fact that it was in writing means that there could be no confusion as to the rejection. This email was ignored. I emailed again just to ensure they got my last one and their reply was that they had already disposed of my phone so it cannot be returned. I was absolutely shocked. After express rejection they still went ahead and disposed of my phone without my consent! They clearly have regard for their consumers!!!
furthermore, to return my phone by RoyalMail would cost me £2.16 therefore it can be inferred that an additional charge has been imposed by the company, which should be brought to our attention so we can make an informed decision.

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