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My husband and I went onto O2 because we had relatives and friends on that network so we figured we would save money. I was SO WRONG! They ended up charging us double for FOUR months until we finally got the problem sorted. We have HORRIBLE experience with the customer service. One person tells you one thing while another person tells you something else. You CAN NOT change your tariff if you want to lower your monthly allowances and charges. One customer representative was even argumentative and refused to transfer us to a supervisor. They are VERY inconsistent. My mum in law ended up getting forced into a contract with them due to a family member not paying the bill in her name and they were absolutely AWFUL when she called to try and get a copy of the original contact and change the tariff. They charged her £49 per month just for 1200 minutes and unlimited texting. ABsoutely NO data was included in that. Even though it wasn't their fault that she had to continue with the contract they were NO help what so ever. The phone ended up not working for a month and despite many time we helped her take it in to get fixed nothing worked and nobody helped. We finally ended up getting them to send her out a new one just to find out that THAT phone didn't work either! It was absolutely ridiculous! Do NOT use O2 as your network! I don't reccomend to ANYONE! Sign their contract at YOUR OWN RISK! If you are a customer of O2 please make sure to check your monthly bill for unknown charges because they will NOT catch the error themselves!

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