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Untrustworthy & Unreliable

I have ordered stuff online and paid for it to be delivered between 8-10 pm. Goods didn't arrive .Phoned the 0800 number and waited almost 20 mins for them to answer my call. They said that the order has been cancelled in store and they don't know the reasons why. For some reasons the call has been cut off and I was left in a limbo.tried to call them again and same thing happened. Called them again the third time and it said that the shop is now closed. I was so disgusted because included in my order was my babies formula milk.I didn't buy anywherelse because I know I have delivery coming that day. No one bothered to call me and informed me that it has been cancelled. Checked my order online and it said rejected. Called the store and they weren't very helpful. They said the driver rejected the order and decided to go home early.they also said we need to reorder it again with their call Center the 0800 number which is based in South Africa as they said. My questions are 1. Why they didn't do anything to resolve this or help me ? Secondly why no one contacted me regarding the cancellation? And lastly why the call centre didn't call me if they know I'm having problems with the order , instead of cutting my call off. Disgusted with the whole service.

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