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Use bravo but not Wizz air

Bravo are good but watch out for Wizz air. Like Ryan air they are sometimes cheaper than other options, but do take care, by the time you've added the extras they might not be. Then again when things go wrong Wizz Air won't help you and then your small saving can end up a big expense. My flight to Barcelona was delayed four hours partly because the plane, which was pretty old to be fair, had some sort of fault. By the time we arrived, public transport had ended and we were stuck with either a hotel bill or hefty taxi bill. I opted for the former, and carried on with my journey the next day. Like many airlines Wizz Air won't acknowledge the EU regulations concerning compensation for delays. On top of this though they wouldn't even pay a £47 hotel bill, despite the fact this cost was a direct result of their aircraft's failure. Basically their philosophy is that they got you there and now you're on your own. They did offer me 30€ in vouchers towards another Wizz Air flight, but you can imagine I'm not too keen on taking the risk of being dumped again! I guess if a Wizz Air flight was more than £50 cheaper than mainstream airlines, even if things do go belly up at least you won't be too far out of pocket. Otherwise though the saving probably isn't worth the hassle, and I would suggest you go with the slightly more expensive but almost certainly more reliable option. I will.

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