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Travel Republic

Hotel closed before holiday finished!

We were informed by Travel Republic (by email) 1 week before departure that our hotel would be closing one day before our holiday finished and as a result we would have to change hotels. They gave us the option of staying at our original choice hotel for 6 days and transfering to another hotel on the 7th day or going to an alternative hotel for the entire 7 days. We were only offered on hotel as an alternative and when looking at reviews for that hotel were not impressed (excrement on the curtains stated one review). As a result of this I did some digging and found an altenative hotel through the travel republic website for the last night, when I tried to arrange this initially through Travel Republic they said I could book the hotel and then hope that the original hotel would refund me for the final night. I found this lack of care and responsibility on the part of TR very disconcerting and escalated my complaint. TR would not take responsibility over the phone for this but offered to try and arrange a refund (which they did quite rapidly - after some heated debate) I then had to apy for th alternnative hotel on arrival. Whilst making alternative arrangements with TR I enquired about our transfers that were also booked through TR and how they would be re-arranged, the TR represntative told me that they would inform the transfer company and make arrangements. Whilst waiting for our transfer to the other hotel we found out that they had only arranged transfers to the initial alternative option and that we would have to make our own arrangemenst (a taxi) to our choice of hotel and furthermore that they had not informed the transfer company about our change of hotels and that they were still planning to pick us up from our original hotel (the hotel that was closed) to take us back to the airport. So I had to make arrangements with the transfer company myself and waste a large part of the day transferring between hotels and re-packing etc. If I had not contacted the transfer company and had relied on the promises of Travel Republic we would have been stood outside of our hotel waiting for a transfer that never arrived and would have missed our flight home. I will be complaining about this and about the fact that our original hotel wound down it services and its food choices as the hotel got closer to shutting down for the season.

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