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What a refreshing change.

After the torment of dealing with Yodel losing my Xbox, amazon agreed to replace it and sent a new one next day delivery with DPD.

I got an estimated delivery time, when the driver turned up he was very polite and actually apologised for being 15 minutes late. I didn’t really consider him late at all as he was around about the time estimated. They are certainly going the extra mile (no pun indented) with service there.

Between the replacement being sent and arriving, would you believe the lost package from yodel actually turned up! I explained to the DPD driver that I needed to refuse delivery so the package could go back to Amazon. He was very understanding, great attitude and happy to help. The complete opposite of Yodel!

Well done DPD I will certainly use you again and hope you continue to hit these high standards.

I'm happy to pay extra for delivery of expensive items if I know I’m going to get great service like this, and to avoid ever having to deal with Yodel again.

08 November 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Jonathan,

We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us such a glowing review.

I'm pleased that you received such a quality service, even though you didn't actually keep the goods that we arrived with :P

Happy gaming!




From 5 stars to 1 star because of one stupid business decision

It is with great sadness that I must post this review. I have always been a happy customer of Amazon. For the past 7 or 8 years I have done all my Christmas shopping on their site, as well as using them frequently throughout the year. No longer.
There is one major issue with Amazon. They insist on using the disgusting excuse for a delivery company that is Yodel.

This is a business decision made because Yodel is very cheap, but boy do you get what you pay for.

After a weeks’ worth of stress waiting for my new Xbox, it turns out Yodel either delivered it to the wrong address, or stole it and forged a signature.

Type Yodel into Youtube and you will find CCTV of typical deliveries from them. Items thrown over walls or left in bins on bin collection day. Items broken, lost and stolen. Google yodel and you can find literally thousands upon thousands of complaints, a BBC watchdog investigation and articles in the press such as in the Guardian.

I know Amazon is not Yodel, but Amazon must understand that continuing to use Yodel when they are fully aware of the problems will hurt their reputation too. People must have confidence that when they hit the order button, items will be delivered. I have lost this confidence.

Now credit to amazon that they have agreed to send me another xbox next day delivery with a different carrier. That resolves the problem with this order, but it is not enough to give me confidence that future deliveries will end up the same as this one because they choose Yodel to deliver it.

Until Amazon drop Yodel, I will not be placing another order. When they do, i will be back and happily update this review.


XBOX Lost or Stolen

I'm considering writing a letter to the CEO of Amazon, which will be marked private and confidential, to ask why Amazon insists on using YODEL. Perhaps if enough of us do this, they will get the message and drop this disgusting excuse for a company. Here is the address:
<external link removed>

***Final Update****
Well now guess what, the package has turned up. It had been delivered to the wrong company, someone brought it round. Clearly the ability to read is not a requirement to drive for Yodel as there is clearly a sign outside each building saying who the company is.

Now i have a replacement coming, so I'm going to have to send that back to Amazon. Arrggghhhh. (nb. i was honest and tried to tell Amazon, so i didn't end up with 2 xboxs. They had already sent it though).

***Update 7th november***
Amazon saying Yodel definitely delivered it to someone called <private data removed>. My word against Yodels. Fortunately I can prove no one called <private data removed> works here. Amazon have taken responsibility for the problem and agreed to send me another XBOX next day delivery free of charge.

I feel sorry for amazon staff having to take the heat for the incompetence of Yodel, however at the same time amazon insist on using them despite the thousands of complaints they receive about them.

I have decided not to do my Christmas shopping on Amazon this year after the debacle with Yodel. I have done so every year for the past 7 or 8 years, but no longer. I’m sorry amazon, I like you, but you must drop yodel if you want to win me back as a customer.

I hope whoever <private data removed> is enjoys playing their new XBOX.

***Update 6th november***
Was not delivered on the 5th, tracking said delay on route.

Was not delivered on the 6th, although tracking claims it was and delivered to '<private data removed>'. Now there is a someone at work with a similar last name to <private data removed>.... he definitely did not sign for it.

I think what has happened is as we do get quite a lot of deliveries, the driver has remembered (wrongly) the name of someone who works at our offices and reckons he can pull a fast one.

Unable to get in touch with yodel. No response from them. Amazon have said they will send me another xbox if i don't have it by the 13th.

What is really annoying is i now have my copy of halo 4, which was delivered by a different company. I just have no xbox to play it on.

I hate yodel.

***Update 5th november***

My parcel is now listed as delivered on Friday, signed for by someone called <rpivate data removed> (never heard of them). Then on Saturday apparently it was deliverd again. (Must be a magic parcel this one). This time signed for by MAP and despite the delivery being made to my workplace which was closed on saturday.

So I'm hoping that it hasn't been nicked by whoever this horsby bloke is.

I'd rate it 50/50 at this point that my £200+ order has been stolen due to the complete ineptitude of Yodel.

I'm hoping that what has happened is that, as the drivers don't get paid unless the packages are delivered, they just scan them as delivered regardless of where the package actually is.

That makes a complete mockery of the tracking system, but at least if this is true i might still get my delivery.

Parcel is at stockton on tees to be delivered to Harrogate.

Parcel Tracking:

1st Nov out for delivery, Delivery Attempted (a lie), returned to depot. 2nd Nov out for delivery, delivery attempted (another lie) returned to depot. (back at the depot at 4pm in the afternoon! - clearly p**s off home early on a friday then).

So basically i take it its been on the van twice as the driver has been on his rounds and he hasnt got around to me? How many times will we repeat this merry dance Yodel?

Did hope to have it for the weekend, how foolish of me. It better arrive before my pre ordered copy of Halo 4 next week otherwise that will be very annoying!

Please Amazon stop using this joke of a company.

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