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I'm addicted to this game

I love playing Mahjongg Artifacts 1 and 2, but after clearing a level and starting another it stalls and comes up with an error 55. please take care of this. It upsets me when I get in the middle of a game and this happens. I have to shut everything down and start again.

05 November 2012

Reply from Freeridegames

Hey there Deborah,

We're sorry you're experiencing Error 55, however this error is typically caused by intermittent packet loss on your home network (aka, losing internet connection while playing). Since our games require a persistent connection to the internet in order to play, if you lose connection for any extended period of time you will receive this error message.

The best way to avoid this error is to ensure that your connection to the internet is strong (if you are using WIFI) and that your Network itself is not experiencing issues (you may need to speak to your Internet Service Provider to run a check to see if you are experiencing any packet loss). Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are using any Satellite, 3G or 4G Internet Provider you may experience this issue as well as the connections by those mediums are not as reliable.

If, after verifying all your connections are stable, you may just need to simply reboot your Router (unplug the power to the router, wait 1 minute, plug it back in) and try again.

If you run into any other issues, please check out our Help Center at for in depth instructions on how to take care of our most frequent errors.

Enjoy the games!

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