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I love this store,

The store has to be number * 1 *

and now they have teamed up with 02, with tesco phones

a step forward for both retailers,


I like it - when it works fist time

Each year these people improve,

And they just keep getting better,

NOW the GF is struggling to keep up with the suction.

And now does it once A DAY


Have a look at this BABY

This little shop can pack a PUNCH - Its got some geat deals-

* * * * *
Can i recomend the radiators - the posh looking ones i mean,

Take A LOOK at the prices NOW - - - - -

www.JD-Builders.co.uk - john d´s profile

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www.JD-Builders.co.uk - john d
Male, 1973
Newport, United Kingdom


Builder just passing comment,