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Not allowed to post item Reviews..

The last few days I've tried posting a review for Campri black leather boots.
But no matter how I define it they just disapprove the review .

I can no longer trust their customer reviews

This is the latest I wrote..
Dear Michael K
Your Comment/Reply:

"after 6 days the right sole had a big hole in it and the left sole where showing signs of cracking up too. the glue on the right shoe where showing signs of going apart as well "

and this where the one before that.

"Against the reviews I actually decided to buy them.
As it turns out after only having these boots for 6 the right sole had cracked up and was taking water in like the Titanic and the left had started showing signs of it happening too. My right shoe is starting to show signs of the leather - sole line which is glued together is now falling apart aswell "

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hurtig levering

Bestilte min Roccat mus en lørdag og fik den allerede om tirsdagen

kan vist ikke brokke mig over leverings tiden


God service og lige til

De er måske lidt dyrere en andre på market. Jeg betalte en 40kr mere en de billigeste, men fik derimod en god og hurtig service og nyder nu godt af en stille og afkølet computer :)


good price.. decent service

hey i bought a few games from G2P..
usually they have a good price and service but this one time i bought a game.. i didnt recive the code.. they didnt belive me when i said i had paid for it. i complained and said that this couldnt be right.. the guy reffered me to paypal to make them confirm this order
i contact them and they confirm the order

now i try to contact G2P again at their live chat... thing is.. that advisor had blocked me from their chat???

i wrote a complaint on their facebook page and sent a mail to their support..
a few hours later their customer relation manager writes to me and says he saw my complaint on their fb page (wich they didnt remove) the day after the writes to me and says that the guy have been fired and wont work for them from the 1 next month and aplogied for the inconveience

since then i had 0 problems with g2p :)

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