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Muscleforce Supplements

Good old fashioned customer service!

Its nice to see that there are still companies out there who care about their customers, rather than taking your money and filling their own pockets without a second thought for the service which they provide.
Considering how small my complaint was (item delivered to billing address rather than shipping address - simple error) I was pleasently surprised when I had a call from the director to personally appologies for the hiccup!
I have now got the product which I am also very happy with and I have already recommended the company to anyone who will listen ;)
Thank you Muscleforce Supplements!
From, A Happy Customer!


Not always the cheapest but get good service

I never have any problems when buying from Argos. The staff are generally helpful (not always cheerful though!!).

Never had a problem returning or exchanging any items that I have purchased from them. I use them both online and in store.


Yes they are cheap - but you try and exchange a gift!!

The amount of money I have spent with this comapny you'd think I'd be able to exchange something thats the wrong size!
I was bought a pair of boots and they were too big so I took them back to my local shop to exchange them but because I didn't have the receipt (because they were a gift) I was told that they couldn't exchange them, because for all they know I could have nicked them from the shop!!! EXCUSE ME????
They were clearly purchased from Sprots Direct because they had their labels all over the box & the boots were still in their original packaging and unworn!
I've never liked the fact that when you buy something from the store, you will only get credit if you rerurn it, but as I always buy from there, I've accepted that as I can just buy something else, but to have SO much trouble trying to EXCHANGE something - well, they've just lost a customer in me!

Also be careful when ording online as the courier company they use is YODEL so good luck getting your delivery any time soon - I recommend that you search for reviews on that company seperately!

Happy shoppig peeps! :)

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