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I'm being actually very nice by giving you even 1 star for such a crap service

Its unbelievable how greedy and appalling the BT company is. First you charge your customers £30 cancellation fee even though the contract is about to expire anyway which is just stupid! No other company does this! Maybe because they are not such greedy money bum licks like BT. Secondly your shitty company also wants to charge me for another months service when I called up to confirm the cancellation! Seriously you want to charge me for a whole months service which I'm not even using and you dare to call yourself a great company? I can easily tell you that your company and customer service is a total f***ing shit hole! The way you're going I don't think there's going to be a future for you. Happily switched to Talk Talk because they have much cheaper prices, better customer service and are not as greedy as you when it comes to cancelling a contract! F**k you BT seriously f**k you and your awful service! Yousuf R

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