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Sewing Machines

Still sewing strong!

I ordered my new sewing machine on-line from GUR on a Sunday afternoon - early Monday I received an e-mail saying it would be delivered next day - early Tuesday had a further e-mail saying it would arrive between 9.41 & 10.41 am - it arrived 9.40. Can't fault that for service. Also, though I've not had the time to check out all it's functions, so far I am well pleased with my purchase.

Age Partnership

Couldn't have gone more smoothly!

I have been very impressed with the way my business was handled. I received a slightly better annuity quote than anybody else seemed able to offer and, having decided to proceed through Age Partnership, everything went far more quickly & smoothly than I had expected. The paperwork was quite easy to deal with and where I had a couple of minor queries these were answered straight away. Their courier collected my documentation and my proof of ID was returned the following day. A P were proactive in keeping me informed by phone &/or e-mail as things progressed, without my having to do any of the chasing I had anticipated. I received confirmation from the annuity provider in less than 4 weeks and the first payment was in my account a couple of days later. I doubt anyone could beat that! Customer ref 936717

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