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Hastings Direct

simply did it!

one of the simplest insurance sites I've ever used and more importantly it saved me money.

no one likes paying out for car insurance but at least Hastings Direct made it simple with it's online form - a lot easier to complete than many other sites.

I know it can be nice to have someone fill in the paperwork for you, but Hastings Direct knocked off £12.50 for me to fill in my own details online.

and comparing "like for like" they saved me a bundle (£180) on this years renewal!


hi littlewoods, remember me? - i'm the guy who pays your wages!

simple problem, i wanted to place an order (i.e. buy products which in turn means all l'woods staff get paid), only trouble was you did not want my order!. what? a company refusing to do business with its customers, surely thats financial suicide, hey ask l'woods not me, but to explain further.... my wife, an "exclusive platinum" rewards tier customer, with a 5 figure credit limit got her statement today with a discount flyer enclosed because she's ..."one of our best customers"..., the flyer discount offered 20% off goodsouls nightwear - fantastic offer and with winter on its way she agreed i should get some new pyjama's, plus a great price blu-ray ive wanted for ages. sadly the discount code would not work, okay, i'll phone the order through, guess what? right, neither could the rep. get it to work, nor could the next person, nor indeed the duty manager!. various suggestions made by l'woods, e.g. place the order then complain when our next statement didnt show the discount, or maybe the flyer wasnt for us!, or write to customer complaints and complain. i fully accept that on occasions customers are not in the right, but i didnt post the voucher to myself - come on l'woods, have something in place so that when you foul up it's not the customer that gets the blame and then is put in the position of having to try and resolve it!!. p.s. not the first problem like this but hay, why worry about 20 years+ loyalty to one company.

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