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B and Q Stafford

Stafford B & Q.......An excelllent store, the staff are always helpful and each individual know there products. I enjoy shopping here. Well done to Katrina, Martin, Faye, Ruth, Jenni, Maureen and the ever faithful long employee Janet, these are just some of the employees I regularly see, however ALL the staff are superb. Great value, cheaper than Homebase!!!!



I regularly shop in Halfords Stafford and even now recognise some of the staff. On recent occassions I have dealt with Jamie and Stuart, they have been GREAT. These are young guys that deserve a successful career. I highly recommend that if you need car accessories, bikes use HALFORDS Stafford.



I bought a £299.99 CCTV System from Maplin in Stafford, upon the original purchase the staff at the Stafford Branch did not know much about the Technical aspect of the product, however I was desperate to install a system ASAP. I bought the system on 12th July 2010, and the reason I bought the system was for the safety of my family as we had been witnesses in a court case and which put me at HIGH RISK of retaliation. An event happened at home where my cars were subject to criminal damage and upon checking my cctv to get the images, the cctv system failed and no images had been recorded, I was shocked and extremely upset, therefore on 8th August 2010 I called Tom at the Stafford Store, he was polite but explained he could do nothing other than send the equipment away....I asked to speak to the Store ManageR (Dave) he was absolutely USELESS and VERY insulting and patronsiing, I truly admit I was rude myself but only after hearing his uncaring comments and at one point I was put on hold by another Staff memeber Jess, but I was put on hold by her covering the microphone on the telephone and I clearly heard Jess and the Store manager laughing as to my distress. The store would not replace my CCTV system with a like for like, but instead get my system sent off for 3 weeks to fix...I explained we had this system installed for our saftey NOT as a luxury, and as a result of having no CCTV my wife and 4 children had left the house to stay with relatives until the system was back up and running. I was so desperate I called K Guard in Taiwain to get a resolution on the matter, they told me as to the fault but only advised to go back to Maplin. I called customer services and they advised they would collect the goods and fix and return, HOWEVER I find this POOR service, a 4 week old product has to be fixed and whilst away my wife and kids cannot live at home, my youngest child being only 3 weeks old!!! The staff have no sympathy, use no empathy and to be honest made comments to me which I personally found insulting and patronising.....I understand that my circumstances may be out of the ordinary, however I rely on my alarm system and my CCTV system for my families safety. I will say that I have been very angry whilst talking to the store and used angry language, which I did apologise to the store for me doing, HOWEVER if the problem had been resolved, my wife and children would be here with me now, not 202 miles away. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE GOODS FROM MAPLIN IN STAFFORD OR ANY MAPLIN STORE THAT REPLICATE THIS STORES BEHAVIOUR AND THOUGHTS.....They only care about getting the sale, not the aftersales service.

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