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The waking nightmare of those who rely on the package industry.

Finally a package company that transcends mere incompetence to reach a stage of such serene and total uselessness that it would be beautiful to behold if only they didn't still have my parcel that should have been delivered 5 days ago.

The unfortunate consequence of paying your workers below minimum wage is that they either don't care about or are entirely incapable of providing even the slightest modicum of good service. Sadly it remains illegally for Hermes to simply purchase the children of developing nations, affix packages to their packs and run them to their destinations; not only would the service be vastly improved but Hermes could lower its overheads by a couple of percent.

If you are reading this review in a desperate attempt to assure yourself that there is any prospect, even a slim belated hope, of your delivery reaching you in any semblance of a timely manner, abandon that hope now.

Hermes is the black hole of service.

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