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Ok, but not all that

Decided to try after raving reviews everywhere else, decided to try out the 5kg Chicken Breast offer for £24.99.

I'm disappointed to say the least, the meat is like it has been butchered by a work experience kid, LOTS of fat, grissle and connective tissue left hanging on, I was under the impression the 25kg weight was a 'clean/trimmed weight'.

In contradiction to the claims of no added salt or water, the label also clearly stated 'May contain added water/sodium' - Whats that about then?

Finally, although not MF's fault, the meat is Halal which I did not see before, had I have known this I would not have ordered as I find Halal to be a cruel and filthy practice, however that is just my opinion.

The breasts ARE larger than supermarket standard as they state, but when buying by weight anyway, does it really matter?

Overall, OK considering price but won't be using again, will pay the little extra for the local butchers.

08 November 2012

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Hi Carl,

Thanks for your honest review, I'm sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the quality of the Chicken. It was great to talk to you today and get this sorted out.

Best Wishes,

Muscle Food

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