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Disgusting service. I wouldn't give 1 star

I have been going to specsavers for approximately 6 years given a new prescription every time, even when I have come in before the advised appointment times. I would buy a pair of glasses and contact lenses each time as my prescription would have increased. So yes, maybe that's my eyes but I have spent a great deal of money in there.

However, when I was in my final year of college I was wearing contacts everyday and rarely my glasses. I ran out of my daily use contact lenses and needed them ASAP. So I went back to my local specsavers branch in New Malden, Surrey. Asked if they had mine in stock, as I desperately needed them. They didn't so they phoned the next closest branch in Kingston. Kingston had them, so I travelled to Kingston to collect and pay for them. When the girl gave them to me I asked her if they were correct as I had a suspicion that they were wrong. She reassured me that this is what my branch had told her off the system. Obviously I believed her as they are the 'professionals'.

I used 1 months worth of my 2 months supply and started getting severe migraines that were so bad i couldnt even stand up. This resulted in me being off college for 2 weeks. I went back to my local specsavers thinking is had to be my vision and this was atleast 8 months before my suggested return appt. The optometrist gave me an eye test and told me both eyes had increased. He told me one eye had increased by half and the other by 3/4. My first thought was my suspicion previously about the contact lenses I travelled to collect we're incorrect. So I questioned my optometrist and he confirmed that they were incorrect and that they had made a mistake.

So both of my eyes have different prescriptions even today, making it more exspensive for me. My issue is why do they not update there clients prescriptions on there system immediately? To add to my outrage the lady expected me to pay over £120 for 2 months of daily lenses. Obviously I refused as this was there fault, as I had already questioned them that about my prescription.

It didn't stop there though. I should have stopped using them then after that huge mistake. So my idiotic mistake returning to them.

Anyway I went to get new glasses around July this year, wanting a specific grok wan pair which I had to wait until the end of August for. So I asked the man who served me if he could reserve me a pair to try on and then purchase. He agreed, and then they rang me when they had them in stock. I said I would come in the following week as I couldn't come in due to being at work. They agreed to hold them until then.

When I went to try them on I loved them as expected and went on to order them. The same woman who tried to charge me years previous for the contact lenses told me I couldn't have them until October now as they have sold them all! I told her what the man and I had discussed about reserving me a pair because I had already paid for them and coatings as I did the 2 for 1 deal. She then looked at the notes and there was no record of the man making this agreement with me. She knew that he had as she was around when we spoke about it. So she took the pair that I tried on then and gave the frame to me, however the frame she had gave me belonged to another customer who had come in that week and purchased them. So that person lost out on their frame until October. Now that is what I call unprofessional. Not that I'm annoyed because I got my glasses in the end, but how annoyed I would be if they were my glasses given to someone else.

That is the last time I will ever take my business to specsavers. I advise everyone to do the same as this is disgusting service. I've only just turned 20 years old and I never bother to
this is absolutely unacceptable and should employ staff with exceptional customer service skills. They could atleast smile. To be honest, it's the little things that count.

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