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Shy away from this company - take a cheaper alternative

Thinking I would be scammed by smaller and cheaper rental companies I was completely disillusioned by my Hertz experience.

First of all, the rental agent in Italy tried to have us take as many extra services, claiming some as legally obligated when they were not. He also charged us for them when he confirmed verbally that they were for free.

Now they keep billing me for the same thing over and over again, while it has been paid for months ago. My e-mail about this issue was answered A MONTH after I sent it.

Save yourself the cost, rent a car with the cheapest alternative. Truth is, every car rental company will scam you eventually. Might as well get scammed by the cheapest one.


Only retards complain, learn to read and plan

If you are a blind consumer and thus too ignorant and stupid to read and understand terms and conditions, Ryanair is terrible.

However, if you do read the tiny letters you know exactly what you can bring on board and what not. You will also know your rights as a customer.

1. Ryanair has credit card and handling fees. Still, if you book in advance the tickets are about 200 euros cheaper sometimes. 30 euros max should see you to your location. If you're not smart enough to plan ahead or use the cheap ryanair bus service, it's your own fault.

2. GREAT leg room. I am 195 centimers and thus taller than the average traveller. If your spine is not crooked and you were taught how to properly sit in a seat, there's about 10 cm of leg room still open for use if you're my height.

3. Their modern fleet has nicer interior than most of the premium airlines. I for one will no longer be travelling with SN brussels airlines, Virgin, Thomas Cook, Transavia or Lufthansa. They all have old planes which make me fear for my own life everytime I board them. Lufthansa by the way, is nearly never on time. With ryanair, I usually arrive 10 minutes ahead.

Ryanair is a great airline, but some people are just not smart enough and complain afterwards about mistakes which are their own fault... Alass, society is full of morons.



Had an absolutely perfect experience. Twice. Unbelievable fast delivery and the thirty-ray return policy is an absolute charm.


Fast, smooth delivery

Ik ben uitermate tevreden over de manier waarop ik behandeld werd als klant. Ik had mijn twijfels voor de aankoop, maar na vandaag ben ik trouwe klant geworden van retailheaven.
Qua contact ben ik zowat de meest irritante klant ooit geweest, met meer vragen dan de gemiddelde bejaarde buurvrouw bij het voorstellen van je nieuwe vriendin. Ik werd echter steeds op een juiste en snelle manier geholpen. Daarnaast werd mijn verzending ook nog eens binnen de week verzonden! Dit was veeeel sneller dan de 14 dagen die ze origineel opgaven. Klantenervaring was perfect en ik wens ze veel nieuwe klanten toe.
Mijn order: Digiko N2


Beschermt oplichters - gebruik alternatieven

Ze laten de echte e-mailadressen niet zien en geven deze ook niet aan je door in geval van oplichting. Ze doen alles om oplichters te beschermen, zelfs bij meerdere klachten. Ga alternatieven opzoeken.


Lange levertijd, niet goedkoper dan fysieke winkel, te laat geleverd is sowieso al even duur als een fysieke winkel. Je betaalt dan toch diezelfde prijs omdat je het gemak van thuislevering wilt. Helaas is bij de levertijd vrijwel altijd langer dan bij concurrenten.
Bij mij was het dan ook nog eens een extra frustratie dat de levering opeens 12 dagen later zou plaatsvinden. Voor deze prijs verwacht je tenminste dat het bedrijf zich aan de afspraken houdt, maar neen. Daar ging ons kerstcadeau dus. Ik ga in ieder geval nooit meer uit van de leuze "duurder is beter". Je kan voor minder geld een betere service krijgen bij andere webshops.

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Great if you're buying, terrible if you're selling

The buyer protection program is absolutely great if you're an honest person who wants to secure himself from being scammed.
However, if you're selling, any dishonest person can claim back his or her money, which blocks all your funds. I had both experiences already and while the buyer protection program did save me a few bucks, I lost those again due to malevolent buyers.

Perfecte boeking

Reservatie binnen venetians carnival was geen enkel probleem. Internationale vakanties verlopen via een officiële vakantiegroothandel, namelijk . Na de boeking onmiddellijk naar het hotel gebeld en deze bevestigde de boeking op onze naam inclusief de extra's welke op ons voucher stonden.


Total scam, do not make my mistake.

I ordered football shirts from this website even though I had a bad feeling beforehand. However, I set my prejudice aside and ordered from a chinese website. Biggest, mistake, ever. After four weeks, which is a lot more than the 11-day shipment time, I finally cut the rope and reclaimed my money through paypal. Afterwards I found many bad reviews about this scam of a company.

DO NOT let them fool you saying it's a US based company. They are Hong-Kong based and ship via guangzhou

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