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Simply Electronics Ltd.

It did exactly what it said on the tin (albeit a chinese tin)......

Right, ordered an S3, totally chuffed that I had saved loads. Started the cold sweats when I was asked to verify my address, read the reviews on here and then started the hellish night sweats! Eeeeek, what had I done? From what I'd read, if the phone ever did arrive it would be in chinese and unaccessible to WAP here and I'd have till 2014 to get a refund???? *quickening of heart rate, involuntary twitching of left eyebrow, general panic purchase anxiety*. But.............. I'm delighted to inform you it all went smoothly. The phone arrived on day 13, it wasn't in chinese it was in FRENCH!!!! But easily changed to English. The only concern is the warranty issue - not Samsung, just a 12 mth "simplyE" one. Now read this bit with the prewarning that I'm NO techno whizz; I did have to manually install settings to enable WAP, and it was EASY, the sim only company I went with had very detailed instructions and screenshots for the less technominded! Simples! I would recommend this company but....and a large but...1) Not for those prone to anxiety with limited coping strategies; 2) Not for those who'd rather not dabble in settings; 3) Not for those who want it asap - the negative feedback on here is obviously a consistent feature.
But the massive plus is PRICE! And really, HK to Manc in 13 days - I don't think it's too bad!
I will look again, but probably buy with a sense of forboding!

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