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Can't get enough of Amazon!

I'm a huge Amazon customer. I'm a prime member and take full advantage of it. I love how reliable they are for shipping items out and the wide selection of things they have. The times I have gone to a brick and mortar store, like Walmart or Target, if they don't have have an item I need I'll search Amazon on my phone and there's been a few times where they have it and it's also cheaper along with free shipping. I've had to use their customer service when I had a problem with my Kindle and they got it figured out really quickly.


Can find things I can't find elsewhere

One of the major advantages I have seen with Bonanza is I can find things that I can't find anywhere else. Plus, the main things I buy are free shipping. How can you beat that? I tend to search here if I can't find something I want on Amazon.

Identity Guard®

Good choice for protection against identity theft

A friend was recently involved in identity theft and seeing how much trouble it caused her I wanted to try and protect myself more. I tend to look at my bank statements as much as I can but there can be times where money could easily be taken out without me knowing.

To help, I signed up for Identity Guard so they can help notify me if there is anything suspicious going on with one of my accounts. I feel much more protected and it helps me not have to worry so much if I don't catch anything. Even if I lose my debit card I know that I won't have to go through so much trouble compared to me just keeping track on my own.


Endless options for classroom printables

I can easily spend all day looking through everything that is offered at They have a lot of things that teachers are giving away for free but even those that cost money are easily less than 5 dollars. You can find things for any grade level, from pre-k to high school. I haven't had any problems downloading anything I have purchased. It's one of my go-to sites if I want something for my classroom but don't want to have to take the time to make it myself or simply do not have the software to do so.


Great place for custom orders

I use Etsy all the time when looking for products that you can't seem to find perfectly in the store. I tend to go for more natural products and love the lotions and face washes that include natural ingredients rather than what is in stores today. I also use the different shops at Etsy for Christmas and Mother's Day.

I've never had any problem with any of the shops I've had. They send me an email so I know an item has shipped and it's always been in a timely manner.

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