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I like pens, all kinds. I have a small collection of classic fountain pens, nothing exotic, or expensive. I do most of my writing on a laptop, sure, but I always have my pen jar to hand for those blocked moments (alright sometimes longer than moments but let's not go there) and in it I keep a rotating bunch of Cult Pens (see what I did there?) In the jar now - a Slate Grey Prera, recent second purchase, bought one in Dark Brown for my grand daughter starting uni., and liked it, very nice pen in the hand, an efficient if somewhat unexciting workaday pen - a Pelikan 205 with a fat italic nib, too inky really, for my hand, but such a beautiful line I put up with the odd smudge - a Pilot Petit 1, the new model with knobs to keep the cap on (bought a couple from JetPens USA a while back but the unstable caps got on my nerves, now CP stock the update) - another Pilot, a G-2 XS, makes a set - couple of freebies, rollerballs, highlighters, etc, and, the writers old reliable, a plain old black Jotter (50th anniversary model) ballpen, with Ohto needlepoint, stocked by CP, which I can't recommend highly enough if you enjoy longhand for the sake of it.
There's a Schneider XB in there, freebie, which has a useful broad point, but the most revolting waxy, slimy texture that will get it chucked in the bin very soon. Cult Pens, then, the site to go to for your day to day pens and for your nightmarish phobias.

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