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Worst Courier Service ever, I stronly advise no-one to use them, as they constanly disapoint!

I always go through parcel to go to arrange the parcel collections and deliveries. Since using parcel to go I have used My Hermes on 3 Separate occasions and each time they just seem to disappoint me.

The first parcel that had been delivered had be opened and tampered with, So it makes you think what type of people have they got working for them if they are just going to open peoples parcels and do what they like with it. I was extremely annoyed by the fact that you put your trust into a courier service and this is the way that you get treated not only as a customer, but look how they treat your parcels.

The second Parcel however was collected on the 31/10/12 and its mow the 8/11/2012 it says 3-5 days, where is my parcel, I called my Hermes once again irritated by the lack of information that they provide, they refused to give me any information and told me to contact parcel to go, so parcel to go contacted them yesterday on my behalf, there ignorance annoys me as they still haven't got back to us yet. It's at the point that parcel to go had to advise me to put a claim in as we still haven't received it, it said on the tracking page that it had been collected, and that was the last thing updated, so what has happened to my parcel to us not receiving it an within the days that I paid for.

Who knows what will happen will my final parcel, I probably won't receive that either, I'm very disappointed that I have paid for a service and they can't even provide a decent service that they claim to advertise.

I hope the owner or a manager will read this review, though they can't care that much to know the majority of these reviews are actually bad, if they actually cared about their company and the service that they provid enad their customers they would employee better more trustworthy people.

Hopefully I will recieve my last parcel after that I will never ever intend on using My Hermes ever again, I would rather travel however long the distance, atleast you know that its safe when you do it yourself.

My final words are to My Hermes your useless, inconsiderate and extremely unprofessional, I fail to see how you maintain any business, Probably by stealing and tampering with people's parcels, leading to them being of loss, damaged or even stolen. Thanks to your unreliable service, I will now turn my custom to a better courier service, your loss. For those of you who are unsure what couriers are safe and brilliant to use, would be City Link, I have used them at least 20 times now and they have never let me down and the parcels always get delivered in the perfect condition they were collected as.

The least My Hermes should do is refund us all for the extreme low service that they provide.

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