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Although I have had no problems with orange in the past, I am now with vodafone who have provided a far superior service. My orange phone could access any website without issue and service was good. One of my friends is with orange and he has countless problems ranging from being blocked from 'adult' websites including facebook and myspace. His phone also experiences regular loss of signal.


Excellent service

the stafford branch has very friendly staff


great service

never had a problem...though I was once escorted out for arguing with the self service times


self service

self service machines have the mute option...enough said



staff were unbearably dumb

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Awesome service

As a student, I expect good service, and virgin has provided, only time the internet has really dropped out is when my own router overheats from overuse



took a month to connect us properly, internet cut out every week. Would not cancel contract. Customer services were a bunch of retards


Diabolical service

bought a game a few years ago which didn't work on my pc, took it back and it worked for them, so they refused the refund (ironically took the game to GAME and got more money back for it as a trade-in).
A few weeks ago, I needed a new mouse and keyboard for my new pc. Went to the local pc world and a man came over to help, the idiot wouldn't listen to me, kept suggesting the more expensive wireless mice and keyboards which I explicitly stated I did not want. I ended up going to maplin where I knew the staff were not complete idiots.


Good site

Had no real problems, the UI is a little crappy though


Poor service

Where to begin:
Laptop has had a virus installed blocking it from the website (it says it is an IP ban, but my pc on the SAME IP is not affected).
Admin is only interested in paying members
Admin does not like it when people question their own security e.g. "Who has access to my data"=instant ban


Excellent service

On the 24th of july, I bought a microsoft webcam, a few days ago it stopped working, (probably a bad cable). I also recently bought a PS2-USB converter which I later realised I didn't need. So today I took both items back, the staff gave me a full refund and also allowed me to swap the broken webcam for a new functioning webcam which I have successfully installed. The staff were friendly and not patronising in any way.


great service

had no problems since joining vodafone, signal is always great and mobile internet is rarely unavailable, the only unavailable place which is always unavailable is inside a university building which houses several items which may interfere with mobile signals

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