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Outstanding, head & shoulders above the rest, faultless

I am an avid PC enthusiast, and having learned that ParaCord could be used as an alternative to cable sleeving, I did a VERY brief bit of research, and came across Wild Elk by chance, visited the online store, and first impressions?
Very easy site to navigate, clean cut and professional looking.
So, looking through the impressive range of Paracord, find a colour that suits my requirements.
Price? incredibly cheap, especially in comparison to what it will be used for and the price of the normal item to be used.
Purchase the item, waited 2 days, on the 2nd day, item arrives.
Well packaged, sealed thick plastic bag inside a mailer bag (only fabric so nothing breakable).
Overall impression -
Lovely website to navigate through
Brilliant pricing - especially for the purpose in mind
brilliant service - email at every stage of order progress
very quick delivery
Most importantly? fantastic quality item, am very well impressed.

Companies like these need more spotlight as the example is set.
Will be returning all the time and have already been recommending.
Can't find a fault.


Customer Service levels far overshadowing all others!!!

Without a shadow of doubt this is the best store i have ever purchased from.
Incredibly friendly & polite to deal with via any method of communications (phone/email/wbsite&forum messaging)
No request is too much or too small - They even called me to ask if i intentionally ordered different sized parts (my mistake!!) and always aim to keep the satisfaction levels as high as possible.
Cant fault them and cant offer any sort of improvement focus areas.

Head & Shoulders above the rest.


Cant beat them

Ordered watercooling parts, made a mistke by ordering barbs that were the wrong size for the hose, recieved a call from the team to ask if i had ordered a different size intentionally.
Incredibly polite, very fast turnaround times, great value for money.
Have ordered from Thewatercoolingshop & its sister company C&CCentral numerous times, and have never once had even the smallest of complaints.
Customer service level = Shining example.

Overclockers UK

Normally great value & brilliant customer service, 1 little bump along the way

Have visited OC many, many times, and have spent quite a fair chunk of money with them. NEVER had a problem, over the space of about 3-4 years, only ever had to RMA 1 GPU, this happened without issue.
HOWEVER, End of Oct this year i spent in the region of £800 and chose to pay by finance.
Requested 1x motherboard, GPU, CPU water block, coolant, hose & fittings.
Initial delay caused by me not completing the electronic paperwork.
Once all completed, i am informed my order will arrive on my requested date.
Day arrives -> no delivery. call them, lengthy call time, assured it will be delivered next day. this happens in total 3 times, which brings me up to sat (03/11/12) where i call and vent my frustrations. i am told one part of my order is out of stock. root cause was due to location change, but as a paying customer this is not of my concern.
Am assured my manager it will arrive Tuesday pre12, so we get to Tues, and an email from the courier comes to say delivery is between 14:00-15:00, again i contact OC and vent my frustration over another failed promise.
Order arrives Tuesday, in good condition and reasonably well packaged, however, one bottle of coolant has a slight leak - but caused no damage.
During the next few days i debate with OC as to what i feel is an acceptable level of compensation for taking time off work and waiting around needlessly, and having promise after promise broken.
So far, i have received refunds for the following: Postage, difference in component that was out of stock, and a goodwill gesture, not exactly what i was aiming for, but these were issued with very little difficulty and arrived within 2 days.
I have been offered an additional item in a refund type of gesture, this i have declined as i would like an alternative (a risky request as some companies would instantly decline) however, i have had confirmation from the manager that my request will be handled.
As a general personal perspective, Overclockers have always been a good company to buy from, and this is the first problematic instance i have encountered.
They have done what they can to keep my custom, i would have liked them to do a lot more, but i am reasonable enough to know that the managers hands are most likely tied from higher up that will prevent them giving me what i request.
My conclusion?
Overclockers are a good company to buy from who have always delivered on a promise made to me, i understand that moving premises can and most likely will cause disruptions, but in my eyes more could have been done to prevent my frustration -> i am aware my problem may not have been solved any quicker but at least i would have been aware and prepared.
Will i shop with them again? Most likely, yes.
Could more have been done from Overclockers to keep me informed -> Yes.
Have Overclockers done what they can to keep my custom, and more importantly, would I recommend them to a friend? Most likely, yes.
23/01/13 - Following the above review, i have now completed a transaction with OCUK, with great results, as promised to me during my last shop with them.
A return to great customer service once again, and both my faith, and will to return to OCUK are back!!
Good job fellas.

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